Making Your Mark

Davies Associates integrates brand identity across an entire graphics program to create a strong and consistent visual message. Our creative design work enhances product recognition, supports marketing efforts and strengthens brand awareness by defining the narrative and expressing the unique character of each project.

Design Process

The identity/branding design process begins with an analysis of the project’s context, target demographics and defining characteristics to establish a creative direction for the project. We build upon this brand narrative by naming the project and creating a visual identity that evokes the brand personality. Our design team integrates the project brand into a wide range of applications including stationery systems, print and marketing collateral, branding style guides, promotional materials, advertising and web design. We also incorporate the project brand into environmental graphics and signage programs that create a distinctive sense of place.

Projects and Clients

Davies Associates has developed successful branding and identity programs for large and small business enterprises, residential developments, corporate office buildings, retail centers, restaurants/cafés, medical facilities, schools and universities, religious organizations and non-profits. Our clients include architects, real estate developers, attorneys, financial institutions, retail businesses, city governments, and a variety of corporate, retail, residential, educational and healthcare entities.


Brand Identity

Brand Positioning

Project Naming

Logo and Logotype Design

Corporate Identity Programs

Stationery Systems

Branding Style Guides

Promotional Materials

Collateral Materials

Branded Environments